Get the Right Kayak & Gear

Simple Do's And DON'Ts

Familiarize yourself with state laws and regulations administered by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in your state. 

For Ohio residents, traditional boat licenses can be large and intrusive. Therefore, many club members recommend Ohio DNR's alternative boat registration:

For more information about Ohio boat registration, visit the Ohio DRN site:

New Kayak Purchase Guide 101

Toledo River Gang Members often receive questions regarding how to select the right kayak to fit his/her lifestyle. The New Kayak Purchase Guide below to discover more about kayak lingo and key criteria that might help you choose your next boat.

Last updated December 12, 2016.

Boat Licenses

Toledo River Gang

Do: Paddle with a group of experienced kayakers.
Don't: Paddle alone.

Do: Check the weather forecast before you launch.
Don't: Assume the weather is consistent all day.

Do: Wear non-cotton layers and bring extra clothing.
Don't: Forget about water temperature, dress for a swim.

Do: Take a water safety class to learn rescue procedures.
Don't: Assume you know everything.

Do: Be aware of fishermen, wildlife, and other watercrafts.
Don't: Forget to share the water with others.

Do: Swim on your back, with feet up and facing downstream.
Don't: Stand up or put your feet down in the water. 

Do: When kayaking whitewater, always wear a helmet and personal flotation device (PFD). 
Don't: Kayak whitewater without a helment or PFD.

Do: A gear check before launch - have all essential gear, food, water, and safety equipment.
Don't: Rush.

Do: Remember eye and skin protection (sunglasses and sunscreen).
Don't: Forget the strength of the sun's rays and its reflection off the water.

Do: Familiarize yourself with laws and DNR regulations.
Don't: Get caught paddling a boat that's not registered.